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Windsurfing Renesse 'whats new' archive #6 2012


10.10.2012 Fanatic 2013 Freeride, Freerace & Slalom range out now!

Starboard 2013 Wave/Freestyle Wave/Freestyle/Freeride available now!

Fanatic 2013 wave & freestyle range out now!

Foto: One handed @ Spot X


27.09.2012 Nieuw foto album 'Zomer in Zeeland 2012' online op Facebook, click here!


New Sailboards Tarifa Catalogue online click here! 


Windsurfbilder Renesse Windsurfing Renesse

26.06.12 Windy days at Renesse! Pics online, click here!

25.05.2012 RRD Placebo Kiteboards now in the shop!

21.05.2012 New RRD website online!

14.05.2012 New 2012 RRD kites now in the shop! Mega kite offers click here!

26.04.2012 Truckload full with new 2012 Simmer sails, Thommen and RRD wind-, surf-, kite- & sup boards arrived @ the shop!

05.04.12 New Collection ION, Da Kine, Simmer Masts & AL360 booms in the shop! Come check it out yourself!

March 2012 Loft Sails Team in action @ Tarifa click here for video!

2012 Windsurfing Renesse Barbados Trip! Book now travel@windsurfingrenesse.nl Flights from euro 699! Read more...

14.03.12 Photo Album # 2 Barbados 2012 online!

First Photo Album Barbados 2012 online!


Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


08.03.12 More Barbados pics on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue

Thomas Meyerhoffer surfing @ Barbados! Check out the video! New 2012 Meyerhoffer surfboards available in the shop!


Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


 Great conditions  @ Barbados! Pics on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue


Windsurfing Barbados Windsurf Barbados


Still lots of action @ Barbados! Pics on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue


Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


Non stop winddd & wavesss @ Barbados... Pics click here!


Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


Lots of wind & big waves @ Barbados! Pics on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!


Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


First Barbados 2012 pics online!

The 2012 Windsurfing Renesse Test in Tarifa was a great succes!Photo Album 3 is now online!

Very windy Xmas in Tarifa!!! Pics online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue


Windsurfbilder Tarifa Windsurf Tarifa


Happy holidays from Tarifa! Pics online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue!

Windsurfing Renesse 2012 Test in Tarifa

Photoalbum 2 online!

Windsurfing Renesse is in Tarifa! Photoalbum 1 online! 

2012 Windsurfing Renesse Test in Tarifa!


Windsurfbilder Tarifa Windsurf Tarifa



20 Years Windsurfing Renesse!!!

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 = 20% korting op alle Fanatic boards!!!

= 20% korting/discount on selected items in the shop!

21.10.2011 NEW: Simmer Style @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

In the barrel @ Oléron

20.10.2011 New photoalbum surftrip Ile de Ré & Ile d'Oléron online!

18.10.2011 New wintercollection in the shop; hoodeds, vests, jackets, beanie's etc. etc. men. women and kids!  Come check us out!


Windsurfing Renesse Windsurf Renesse


11.10.2011 Another stormy day in Renesse! Pics onFanatic.com &Stehsegelrevue!



10.10.2011 Photo Album #2 England Trip Windsurfing Renesseonline!


Windsurfbilder Brouwersdam Windsurfing Brouwersdam


06.10.2011 Herfst/Autumn storm in Renesse!

04.10.2011 30 Years Fanatic!

2012 Freeride & Freerace boards online!


Windsurfing Ile de ré Windsurf Ile de ré


19.09.2011 Great surftrip to La France with the new 2012 boards, Ile de Ré. First pics online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue!


Windsurfbilder Renesse Windsurfing Renesse

06.09.2011 Remains of hurricane 'Irene' hitting Renesse! Time for the 2012 Fanatic Quad 75 & Shark warning in Renesse! see pics on Fanatic.com

The Fanatic 9.6 SUP wood edition in action @ Fistral Beach

26.08.2011 New photos England Trip Windsurfing Renesse Album #1 online!

25.08.2011 New Fanatic DVD 'Rail to Rail' now in the shop!

Overhead @ the Northshore of Renesse 

30.07.2011 New Photo Album 'Zomer in Zeeland 2011' online!


19.07.2011 Starboard 2012 website online! Boards available now!


Zaterdag 16 juli Dutch Skimfest Edition #8! @ Vuurtorenstrand Nieuw-Haamstede. Kids-, flatland- & Wave Competition! Inschrijfformulier klik hier!

First price Victoria Skimboard!!! Sponsered by: Windsurfing Renesse, Victoria Skimboards, Eden Skimboards & Cool Shoe

14.07.2011 Fanatic 2012 @ Windsurfing Renesse! First wave & freestyle 2012 boards available now! read more

Windsurfbilder Renesse Windsurfing Renesse

22.06.2011 Quad Time in Renesse! Great eveningsession @ Spot X! Fanatic Quad 79 & Loft Sails Lip Wave 4.2. Pics on Fanatic.com & StehsegelRevue!

Windsurfing Renesse Windsurf Renesse  

09.06.2011 Nice windsurfsession with the Sailboards Tarifa Twin Fin 84 & Loft Sails Lip Wave 5.2! Click here for the pics!

27.05.2011 Tushingham Masts & Sails 2011 now in the shop! In a recent Boards Magazine test, many sails from other brands performed better on a Tushingham than on their own recommended mast! read more...

20.05.2011 K4 Fins @ Windsurfing Renesse! NEW!

13.05.2011 Loft Sails 2011 Testwinning sails now in the shop!

Lip Wave, O2 Freeride, Switchblade Freerace & Blade Race Read more...


11.05.2011 Arbor Long- & Skateboards NEW @ Windsurfing Renesse! Read more...

03.05.2011 New Xcel wetsuits now in the shop! Wetsuit of the Year Award winner! Full suits, shorties, short arm wetsuits, neopreen vests, lycra's, surfshoes etc.etc. for adults and kids!

28.04.11 2011 Collection 69Slam! New @ Windsurfing Renesse! Underwear, bikinis, boardshorts, slippers etc. etc. for men, women  & kids.

23.04.11 SUP(er) Zomer in Zeeland! Sunset sup-session @ Renesse! Pics online @ Fanatic.com! Click here! 


Windsurfbilder Renesse Windsurfing Renesse


15.04.11  Summertime @ Windsurfing Renesse! 2011 Collection Banana Moon now in the shop! Bikinis, dresses, skirts, blousons, boardshorts etc. etc.

14.04.11 New photoalbum "Windsurfing Renesse op werkbezoek bij Sailboards Tarifa" online! Click here!


Windsurfbilder Tarifa Windsurfing Tarifa


12.04.11 New Da Kine 2011 Collection in the shop! Backpacks, caps, hippacks, hats, wallets etc. etc.

11.04.11 NEW @ Windsurfing Renesse: ION 2011 Collection now in the shop! Belts, Boardbags, Boardshorts, Caps, Jackets, Harnesses, Sunglasses, Walkshorts etc. etc.

06.04.11 Windsurfing Renesse workvisit @ Sailboards Tarifa pics online @ Stehsegelrevue!


28.03.11 Windsurfing Renesse op werkbezoek bij Sailboards Tarifa Factory in Tarifa-Spain! read more...


Sailboards Tarifa Custom made windsurfboards in action @ FWC Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2011!  

 Click here for the pics


Aldo & Arjen Team Tushingham Barbados

25.02.11 Photoalbum #2 online now! Click here! 

Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


25.02.11 Windsurfing Renesse Fanatic-Tushingham Testteam @ Fanatic.com 

Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


14.02.11 Sailboards Tarifa + Tushingham Rock in the 2011 Test @ Barbados! Click here for the pics @ Stehsegelrevue! 

Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


08.02.11 Windsurfing Renesse 2011 Test @ Barbados: winddd & wavesss pics online @ Fanatic.com! 

Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfing Barbados


07.02.11 Sailboards Tarifa + Loft Sails Lip Wave in action @ Barbados! Click here for the pics @ Stehsegelrevue! 


Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfbilder Barbados



 31.01.11 Team Windsurfing Renesse @ work: Quad fin testing @ Barbados pics online @ Fanatic.com! 


Windsurfbilder Barbados Windsurfbilder Barbados


21.01.11 Big waves on Barbados, Sailboards Tarifa + Loft Sails Lip Wave in the test! Click here for the pics!

Fin grab @ the Point

Photoalbum #1 online now! Click here! 




2011  available now!T read more... Loft Sails Lip Wave Testwinner and Testers Choice Wind Magazine! Ben van der Steen NED-57 joins Loft Sails read more... and sets new dutch speed record 90km/h!

New: Fanatic Surfskateboards! now in the shop!

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