!Windsurfing Renesse op werkbezoek bij Sailboards Tarifa!

Visiting the Custommade Boards Factory in Tarifa, Spain. Checking out the latest shapes and the new boards being produced for the Windsurfing Renesse shop.

The factory in Tarifa Spain Shaper Pedro from Sailboards Tarifa @ work in the factory Adelimar & Shaper Pedro in the Sailboards Tarifa factory Handmade in Europe! New boards in production More boards in production Finishing touch for a new sup board Pedro working on Juergen's new light wind waveboard Arjen and shaper Pedro in the workshop @ Sailboards Tarifa Order for Windsurfing Renesse Arjen 's new light wind wave board in production; almost ready... Sailboards Tarifa; custommade windsurfboards handmade in Europe New SUP board waiting to be finished @ Sailboards Tarifa Sup Division Sailboards Tarifa The ingredients ready for the production More ingredients for the custommade windsurf- & sup boards The workshop @ Sailboards Tarifa Sailboards Tarifa footpads ready to be sticked on to the boards Pre shaped EPS blank Blank with stringer put in Sandwich on the bottom Sandwich on the top of the board Bamboo the new environmental material for the custommade boards Juergen's board in the factory Lunchtime in Tarifa Sailboards Tarifa Custommade on the beach in Tarifa The wind picking up in Tarifa Arjen checking the conditions in Tarifa Brandnew custommade Sailboards Tarifa Sup boards ready to sell Sup division Sailboards Tarifa custommade sup boards Radical Sailboards Tarifa Custommade Sup Board The new 2011 Sailboards Tarifa Slalom Line 9'0 x 30 Brandnew custommade bamboo supboard deck Brandnew bamboo custommade sup board bottom Eating tapas in a local bar in Tarifa with the Sailboards Tarifa Team Another Sailboards Tarifa sup board ready to be sold Carbon reinforcements 2 more bamboo sup boards in production @ Sailboards Tarifa Reinforcements in the nose area of the board Sailboards Tarifa shaper Pedro and his new board Sailboards Tarifa Wave 74 liter ready to go! Shaper Pedro & Arjen @ Bolonia Tarifa Shaper Pedro in action @ Bolonia Pedro riding the waves in Bolonia Cutback by Pedro Another Sailboards Tarifa rider Juan in action @ Bolonia Sailboards Tarifa in action @ Bolonia Tarifa Cutback by Juan Juan riping his Sailboards Tarifa @ Bolonia Juan riding his Sailboards Tarifa Custommade Juan riding the waves Pedro back on the beach @ Bolonia Juan down the line @ Bolonia Arjen's turn to test the new Wave 74 Sailboards Tarifa 74 liter + 4.2 Ezzy Wave Arjen getting airborn with the Sailboards Tarifa 74 in Bolonia Arjen jumping with the 74 liter wave Arjen waveriding the new Sailboards Tarifa Wave 74 liter Off the lip with the Sailboards Tarifa Wave 74 liter in Bolonia Arjen ripping the Sailboards Tarifa 74 in Bolonia Tarifa Arjen back on the beach Bolonia, Tarifa and Africa in the background! Sailboards Tarifa sticker on the Windsurfing Renesse van