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Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #1:


Men, women & kids: bikinis πŸ‘™, tops πŸ‘š, shorts πŸ©³, skirts, t-shirts πŸ‘•dresses πŸ‘— etc. etc. πŸ›’


Bikinis, boardshorts, t-shirts, walkshorts, pants, hoodies, sandals, slippers, beach dresses, tops etc. etc.

Men, women and kids:

7Shores, Banana Moon, Billabong, Bear, Chiemsee, Cool Shoe, Dakine, Hawaiian Island, Helly Hansen, Hurley, Mormaii, No Fear, Realm, Reef, Rietveld, Rip Curl etc. etc. 


Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #2:


Carbon booms sale:

 Aeron, Al360 & Unifiber



Booms entirely made in Italy, front-end that guarantees elevated rigidity and stability on the mast.

The AL360 booms are the result of a long works and binding test in the windiest spots of the world, thanks also to the help of numerous riders that has collaborated with AL360 to make a will and to bring the products to an alevated level of reliabilty.

E3 Carbon

Tubes are made of a one-piece monocoque high-quality carbon part, without any glued connection or insert. The diameter of the tubes - reduced to an impressive 25-28mm - along with the new curvature profiles and the ergonomic sections of the tubes, yields an unpaired rigidity to the boom, thus reducing the stress for the forearms and allowing for an extended use under extreme conditions. Lined in soft grip dual density for a best grip while sailing, with a vast range of colours allowing many customization options in the graphics. Back-end and fron-end are made of 20% of elastomer nylon.

The E3s feature a newly designed front-end very compact and perfectly integrated in the boom outline. A highly optimized blocking system at the mast insertion and a carefully manufactured back-end terminal.

E3 CARBON SLALOM-RACE 200-260 now € 999! (was € 1299)


Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #3:


SBT 'Longi' mini malibu custommade in Spain/EU 8'4 x 23" 66 liter incl. fin. Limited edition!

€ 799 (was € 999)



 Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #4:  



RRD Roberto Ricci Designs SUP Wassup 8'5 135 liter Wind- & Sup Convertible softskin board NEW! -50%! 

€ 749 (was € 1499)

 incl.  fin & centerfin!



 Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #5:







Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #6:


Wetsuits sale: Billabong, Gul, Osprey, Pro Limit, Rip Curl, RRD, Windgear & Xcel Now from euro 39,99!!!

men, women & kids 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2 mm 

Xcel Infinity




Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #7: 






 Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #8:


 Surfboards SALE!


Cult, SBT, RRD, Surftech, Tuflite, Webber, 7S 


7S Seven Surfboards Quattro SLX 6´3 clear epoxi incl. fcs M5 quad fins

€ 479 (was € 679)


RRD Roberto Ricci Designs Svalvolata 6'5

€ 499 (was € 799)




Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #9:


 SBT Sailboards Tarifa SUP 8'7 x 31.25" Quark Allwave 138 liter

NEW compact wider shape! Custom vacuum sandwich incl. fins!


€1299 was €1499




Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #10:





Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #11:

 Unifiber masts:

Unifiber 400 C100 RDM flex top mast


€ 399 (was € 489)


Unifiber 400 C40 RDM constant curve mast


€ 199 (was € 239)


Unifiber 460 C100 SDM constant curve mast inlc. padded mastbag!


€ 499 (was € 679)


Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #12:


 Loftsails 2023 NEW! now - 20%!

Loftsails 2024 email to order next working day delivery!



Loftsails Purelip 4.0 2023 demo like new! green - 33%! (used)


€ 495 (was € 739)


Loftsails Purelip 4.7 2023 used! green - 50%! (used)


€ 389 (was € 779)


Loftsails Purelip 5.4 2023 NEW! green - 20%!


€ 655 (was € 819)




Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #13:




 Wind- & Kite harness sale!


Now from €89!!!


Dakine, Flying Objects, Naish, Pat Love, Prolimit, Unifiber, Windgear






Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #14:





Dakine Skimboard tailblock various colours available

€ 19.99 (was € 29.99)


Grip Skimboard grip deck pads all sizes!!!


Sex Wax Skimboard wax

€ 3.99 (was € )


Skim Wetsuits Tops, lycra's, shoes, gloves, caps etc etc


Skimboard corner @ Windsurfing Renesse Pro Surf, Skate & Fashion Shop


Skimboarding Wax Comb various waxcomb available in the shop!

€ 4.99 (was € )


Surface Skimboards wood 40"

€ 54.99 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Bigfoot green top orange bottom next working day delivery!

€ 449 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Bigfoot navy next working day delivery!

€ 449 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Bigfoot orange top green bottom next working day delivery!

€ 449 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Foamie 2.0 L blue tribal NEW 2024 model!

€ 319 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Foamie 2.0 L green stripe NEW 2024 model!

€ 319 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Foamie 2.0 L lime green NEW 2024 model! Next working day delivery!

€ 319 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Foamie 2.0 L navy NEW 2024 model! Next working day delivery!

€ 319 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Foamie 2.0 M lime green or navy NEW 2024 model! Next working day delivery!

€ 299 (was € 319)


Victoria Skimboards Foamie 2.0 M navy NEW 2024 model! Next working day delivery!

€ 299 (was € 319)


Victoria Skimboards Helix Arch Bar Traction lightweight superior pro grip 20 inches long for maximum coverage

€ 29.99 (was € 39.99)


Victoria Skimboards tailgrip pad featherleight 3 piece grip built in arch for maximum control

€ 59.95 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Travel boardbag Coffin double XL NEW!

€ 129 (was € 179)


Victoria Skimboards Ultra M Red next working day delivery!

€ 449 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Woody L (hardwood/fiberglass/polyester) custommade in the USA!!!

€ 179 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Woody M (hardwood/fiberglass/polyester) custommade in the USA!!!

€ 179 (was € )


Victoria Skimboards Woody XL (hardwood/fiberglass/polyester) custommade in the USA!!!

€ 179 (was € )



Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #15:

New: Unifiber alu & carbon booms!

T-8 Alu boom all sizes now from euro 159!!!  


 Using high quality T8 Aluminium 29mm diameter tubes, these booms are ideal for all types of sailing. All sizes feature a traditional curve for freesailing fun at an amazing price! The boom head adapts both to RDM and SDM masts.



 New: Tiki Monocoque alu boom:





162-222 cm completely alu double push lock


185-245 cm completely alu double push lock



 Boom fits on RDM and SDM mastMonocoque Construction.


1.5mm wall thickness, 29mm diameter.


Continuous aluminum front and back end with 50cm adjustment.


Double lever pin adjustment system.




Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #16:

Wetsuits Sales! Osprey, Pro Limit, Rip Curl, RRD, Windgear & Xcel. Now from euro 44,99!!!



Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #17:






140-190 cm completely alu double push lock


    €119,99  was  €229

162-220 cm completely alu double push lock


 €129,99  was  €239 




Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #18:

Trim box vinnen for Fanatic, Bic, Copello & Tiga boards

All sizes available, wave, freewave, freeride, freerace & slalom now from €59!




Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #19:


SBT Sailboards Tarifa Custom Made Windsurf-, Surf-  & SUP boards now @ Windsurfing Renesse:


SBT logo-black_web_small





single-, twin-, tri- & quad wave/freewave/freestyle, freeride & slalom boards!


Sup division Sailboards Tarifa custommade sup boards Radical Sailboards Tarifa Custommade Sup Board 9'0 x 30 Brandnew custommade bamboo supboard deck Brandnew bamboo custommade sup board bottom

 SBT Sailboards Tarifa custommade windsurfsup & surf boards





Windsurfing Renesse sales deal #20: 

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